New Product Initiatives


About YellowPepper

Yellow Pepper is Latin America's Pioneer in innovative payment solutions. We digitize traditional financial services and turn the phone into a cutting-edge tool for payments, loyalty and banking on the go, crafting secure and powerful solutions so that transacting becomes convenient, safe and fast.

  • 51-100 Employees
  • Miami, United States HQ

Overview of New Product Initiatives @ YellowPepper

Through our mobile banking and payment products, more than 30 million transactions per month are processed for an ever-growing community of 5 million active users. Yellow Pepper plays an important role in Financial Inclusion in Latin America, and we are looking to implement new product initiatives in Colombia and Mexico.

Mission Statement

Be at the center of shopping, payments and banking

Team @ YellowPepper

New Product Initiatives

Serge Elkiner is Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of YellowPepper. Under Serge’s leadership, YellowPepper is revolutionizing the banking and payments industry by making mobile payments a reality. His unique vision is bearing fruit forging partnerships with major banks, financial institutions and business enterprises alike. Across the region, YellowPepper currently provides financial services to more than five million monthly users. Alexander Sjögren is Chief Technology Officer at YellowPepper. In his role, Alexander oversees the company’s technology strategy and aligning all technology-related decisions with the organization's goals.

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