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About Yalo

Yalo helps businesses offer a delightful customer experience on the world's biggest messaging apps. Every business on yalo has a chatbot with an optimized flow that handles customer requests to the point of payment and fulfillment. If at any point the customer need is beyond what the chatbot is capable of doing, the request gets seamlessly transferred to a human agent to provide resolution. Through the yalo platform businesses get an artificial intelligence powered CRM that allows them to handle sales and build personal relationships, at scale, on Facebook Messenger.

  • 11-50 Employees
  • Mexico City, Mexico HQ

Overview of Product Launch @ Yalo

As a product manager at Yalo, you will be responsible for bridging technical and business worlds' needs as you design technology that helps to improve the day to day of millions of our clients' users. To thrive you need to have a strong bias towards action and the ability to break down complex problems into steps that drive product development. We expect you to work together with our team to deliver V1.0. of our self-optimizing chatbots at a platform level. Weekly compensation is competitive with market rates. More details on the role and compensation after you apply.

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Mission Statement

Allow any business to offer the best chat experience.

Team @ Yalo

Product Launch

For us it's not about coding or designing, it's about fixing interaction; making systems not only give you what you want but anticipate what you need. We are about democratising a technology that has only been recently made available to big corporations and bringing it all the way to the Taco Stand

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