Product Innovation


About Reach

Reach is an app that tracks income and spending to enable you make intelligent money choices. With Reach, you'll get: a beautiful breakdown of where your money goes each week; insights on how to spend and stretch your money; and a budget tool to keep you on track to achieve your financial goals

  • 1-10 Employees
  • Lagos, Nigeria HQ

Overview of Product Innovation @ Reach

Work with the product team to develop new product functionalities and features, using data and feedback from existing users. Coordinate product work with marketing and sales teams, and work closely with the CEO and Founder.

Mission Statement

Reach is a group savings tool. Use it with your friends, family, or any group with a common target, to save towards a financial goal

Team @ Reach

Product Innovation

Our team here at Reach takes pride in our work ethic. We seek out candidates who are more than willing to invest their time and effort into professional development. More importantly, our work environment demands that we remain flexible in order to effectively take on new challenges and experiences. Here at Reach you will be challenged, but we know it will help you achieve your potential.

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